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Couple Kitchen starting on July 16th, Fuji TV CS2

Starting from July 16th, new cooking variety show “Couple Kitchen” will be aired on Sky Perfect TV! at 21:30~22:00.

This is a virtual marriage cooking show for “girly angelic type of men” and “manly handsome type of ladies”, where Akimoto Sayaka and Chiba Yudai are secretly married to each other! A newly wed couple!

'Yu-kun' said “It feels honorably awesome” getting married to a popular idol. 'Saaya”s first impression about her 'husband' is “Actually Chiba-san is really manly in real life. He's much more reliable than me.”

When asked how about inviting Oshima Yuko to visit. ‘Saaya’ said “She has a big mouth, I’m afraid she would leak out our ‘secret marriage’ (lol)” and added “But if other AKB members come to visit, my ‘Yu-kun’ will be stolen away, so I have to lock him in a box.”


Hope someone will upload this!!!

I ship this!